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Where you find the right equine educational event, educator, clinic or symposium for your riding discipline, and skill level for you and your horse. Education through training and knowledge is provided in a safe and comfortable environment.  We always keep in focus the well being of both the horse and rider. Goals are established, pursued, and achieved by prioritizing the abilities and needs of the individual.


Do you want to improve your horsemanship ability or want to learn more about horses?

Do you have an underused equestrian facility to be proud of?

Are you a skilled equine educator, and wish to share your knowledge, but aren't sure how?

Schedule of Events

Karen Casto
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Why Become a Member?


There is no cost for a membership.


We are celebrating the development of our new program, and our wish is for you to join in the excitement.


If you join as a Foundation Member, you will have the advantage of full membership at no cost.


Here are the advantages membership includes:

Larry's expertise as a horseman and rancher is an invaluable addition to our group of educators. He has a unique way of recognizing and solving problems between a horse and it's rider.

Ann Bradley has an in-depth understanding of psychology and biomechanics of both horse and rider. She effectively applies that understanding when teaching riders how to better communicate with their horses.

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Of Life and Horses - The Nature of the Horse

Ann Nyberg Bradley

Of Life and Horses - Cooperation Through Communications

Ann Nyberg Bradley

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Event Schedule
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