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Benefits of Becoming a Responsible Horsemanship Certified Educator


Responsible Horsemanship will . . .


  • Help potential clients find you and give them information on your services.

  • Market your services on our website and through our social media marketing program.

  • Promote your programs and handle all the paperwork, marketing, location and coordinating.

  • Check the demographics of an area to determine if your clinic will work in that area. 

  • Coordinate with hosts and provide a consistent outline of the clinic so attendees will know what to expect.

  • Provide marketing tools for you at a discounted price - products such as flyers, brochures, business cards and vanity cards.

  • Provide a link on our site to your website if you have videos, books or CDs you would like to sell or promote.

  • Offer you a presence at major horse expos where we will have a booth.

  • Give you a chance to write articles that we will promote on our website and other social media marketing venues. 

  • As an RH Certified Educator you will be recognized as a horseman who promotes safe, functional horsemanship and training techniques for the welfare of the horse and the rider.  Attendees can be assured they will be in a clinic appropriate to their level, based on the information they provide. 

  • As an RH Certified Educator we endorse you and your services, and promote you as a horseman and educator who meets our standards and promotes our philosophy.



Contact us to be considered as an educator with Responsible Horsemanship.  We will talk with you about the evaluation process.

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