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Skill Levels Recap

Go to the Skill Levels page for a full description of our Levels Program.


Has very limited experience with horses. Requires the fundamentals of horsemanship, the nature of the horse, care and management, groundwork skills, and general information. Learning body positioning when riding, leg, seat, and rein aids, and the proper use and care of tack and equipment.



General horsemanship knowledge, with groundwork skills. Learning to follow movement with balance. Basic knowledge of leg and rein aids. Rides the walk with ease, but sometimes lacks control at trot or canter. Can ride in a group unassisted.



Rides the walk and posting trot with balance and rhythm, without interfering with horse’s mouth. Has an aware seat and understands leg and rein aids. Can lope or canter a short distance in control, and transition to a walk with control and balance. Possesses skill sets of levels one and two.



Rides with authority, using aids properly and effectively.  Basic understanding of training and conditioning. Controls a horse in all gaits, at fast and slow speeds, while maintaining a balanced seat and quiet hands.



Refining advanced skills and knowledge of horses, completes basic exercises with precise control. Understands and can apply some advanced training techniques. Has specialized knowledge and is ready to compete or improve competition skills. Handles difficult horses safely, to the benefit of the horse.  Acutely aware of the nuances of horsemanship.

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