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Please take a moment to verify the information in this packet.  This is your confirmation that you have registered to join in a Responsible Horsemanship Program.






















Course ID:






Payment Receipt:

Jane Doe



Ann Bradley



November 25, 2016



Bradley 02 2016



Sedona, AZ01-2016



Pd in Full $720.00

Program Confirmation

Included, you should find:


Instructor information, Date(s), and Venue of the program.

Your Profile, please check that what we have on file is correct.

Release Form . . . please read and sign.  Give it to the Facilitator at sign-in on the first day.

Program Outline

Prior to the program, set your estimated goals of what you would like to achieve in this course.  You will be asked what they are at the beginning of the day.

At the end of the program, we would like to know if you were able to achieve them, or changed your goals during the process, and if so, did you realize the new goals.

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