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Larry Marriott - Ranch Horse


This level rider will have a general knowledge of horsemanship. You will have experience with horses, know how to cobntrol a horse on the ground, and properly care for a horse. As a rider you are learning to follow the horse's movements, maintaining your balance so a not to interfere with the horse, and not use your rein for balance. You have basic knowledge of leg and rein aids, and have good control of a horse at a walk, but sometimes need to slow down at a trot or canter to regain control. You can ride unassisted in a group. You have basic knowledge of tack and equipment, their proper uses and how they work.

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At this level, you are balanced at the walk, can ride a balanced posting trot without interfering with the horse's mouth, and understand the proper 1-2 rhythm. You have an understanding of leg and rein aids, and have developed at least, an aware seat. You can lope or canter a short distance with control, and when needed, can bring the horse back under control without losing your balance. You posses all the knowledge and skills of level 1 & 2 regarding tack, basic horsemanship, and the nature of the horse.

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Date & Location

JANUARY 14 & 15, 2017

Event Details

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Other Facts to know:

  • Events start at 8:30AM and end at 4:30PM

  • A Lunch break will be taken at 12:00PM

  • Bring all the equipment you need to be comfortable - cushion, chair, water, sun screen, etc.

  • Dress for the weather - check online forcasts

  • Dress for safety - remember your helmet, smooth soled shoes, safety vest

  • If you have a large rig, check on parking

  • Remember your camera!

Triple Crown


These services are available at Triple Crown Equestrian Center. Inquire with the Facilitator if you wish to take advantages of any of these services.

HORSE Lodging

Stall Fee for each night


HORSE Stall Cleanup

The fee to clean your stall twice per day - or clean yourself


HORSE Feeding

Daily fee, if you wish someone to feed for you, Morning and Night



Extras, such as providing hay, shavings, grooming, calling vet or farrier, can be arranged. Camping, dry or wet, may be possible.


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Larry Marriott Event



Three days of instruction for you and your horse



Five days of instruction for you and your horse



A deposit is due within 2 Weeks of Registration to hold your place, with the Balance of the clinic cost due 2 Weeks prior to the clinic date. Refunds will be made if the registration is cancelled 30 days prior to the clinic date.



Cost to audit for each day


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