Mary Jo Camera

Mary Jo develops accomplished and strong, horses and people, utilizing their natural abilities, love and passion for whatever discipline suits them.  


From a young age (maybe younger than five) with her family's diverse involvement in horses, Mary Jo has had a love for horses that she has not outgrown.



Mary Jo's main discipline is barrel racing, but she has extensive experience in many disciplines of horsemanship, from which she is able to draw during her training. She believes that it is important to learn many skills in order to know how to make adjustments, recognize strengths and weaknesses, and exhibit patience in the horse learning process.  



A philosophy that she goes by is that the right horse for a rider will just fit.  She is excited when a horse develops a love for his job, and enjoys seeing success in his training progression.



Her education program helps clients build a connection with their horses, and helps horses achieve a love for what they are being asked to learn.  She is willing to not hurry the horses in the training process, gives them exposure to many situations in and out of the arena, and keeps them mentally well and physically healthy.



Mary Jo is a very honest and clear communicator, who believes in always having some positive feed back, along with setting goals to work on.  She aspires to have her clients feel successful, but more, fascinated and excited in continuing their horse passion.



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