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The Facilitator plays an extremely valuable part in ensuring each event runs as close to perfection as possible.  Each location will have a Facilitator.



The Facilitator will be the coordinator between the Attendee, the Venue, the Educator during the event, and will prepare, and dissiminate to Responsible Horsemanship, a list containing information and pricing about local:

  • accomodations

  • restaurants

  • available local transporation facilities

  • on-call horse health care specialists

  • farriers

  • farm supply


On the day of arrival to the program, the Facilitator, acting as a Guide, will show everyone where to park, provide a tour of the facilities, show the horses to their accomodations, and where their feed and tack can be stored.


At the start of the program, the Guide will sign-in the attendees, verifying their membership, registration and payment information.


Working with the Venue, the Facilitator makes sure the arena is kept clear of manure, graded and watered.  Generally, keeps the area tidy and in repair.


During the program, the Facilitator, then acting as an assistant to the Educator, keeps everyone on schedule, notifies the next individual or group 15 minutes before they need to be in the arena.  The assistant, if asked nicely, will be available to retrieve equipment for the Educator, hold horses for quick bathroom breaks, relocate mounting block as needed.


Photography / Videos may also be taken.  If an individual declines to have their picture taken, please advise the Facilitator.



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